About Us

We are 13+ years young software company, founded by a team of ex-IITians who have more than three decades of corporate experience. To name a few, ex-CTO of Sun Microsystems; ex-CTO of Momentum Technologies before being bought over by French IT MNC Sopra Group, ex-Dir (Tech) of Wipro Global R&D.

Our products have been ERP, POS, WMS, and HRMS for all major industry verticals. In our endeavour to create a B2B platform where each candidate’s skillset or calibre could be assessed against highest established industry standards, we developed a niche solution for skill-based training & assessment which got evolved into a “Paperless Assessment & Analytics” solution for Education Vertical.

We take pride in mentioning that we have secured PATENT for our technology from UNITED STATES PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE (USPTO). It encompass a software suite & a writing tablet providing not only a virtual pen & paper experience to students but also ensure eliminating colossal challenges associated with paper based examination process.

The paperless system makes the whole experience safer & operationally exceptional. With analytics on formative & summative assessments, it not only enables improved decision making by focusing on patterns that indicate student success but also help Universities to strategize assessment methodology & map student’s performance results with program outcome.